Mysterious ‘Scrabbleman’s’ days and nights on the tiles

"Scrabbleman" strikes again - side of the Jerwood Gallery
"Scrabbleman" strikes again - side of the Jerwood Gallery

A SERIES of mystery street art displays has had eagle-eyed members of the public scrabbling to catch a glimpse of each new offering.

Since the beginning of April, seven plaques featuring Scrabble tiles arranged in cryptic messages have been spotted all around Hastings and St Leonards.

The identity of the artist is unknown, or whether they are male or female, but Twitter has been buzzing with speculation as to who ‘Scrabbleman’ is.

One message reading MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND appeared on one side of the Jerwood Gallery over the Easter weekend.

Another, JE TAIME VISAGE DE SINGE (It reads: “I love you monkey face” in French) was spotted on the underpass in the town centre.

The most recent addition was at Brassey Steps in Claremont, and simply featured the word READ spelled twice on a plaque.

One wonders how many tiles are left in Scrabbleman’s bag.