Mumm-Ra play Bexhill homecoming gig

Rotherbeat sensations Mumm-Ra are coming home to Bexhill to launch their new single.

The group are playing at the Redstack Playhouse and their set will include a performance of their forthcoming release Starlight.

Tickets for the low-key gig are sure to be like gold-dust after the band announced it was cancelling a national tour planned for October.

The boys from Bexhill have decided to pull the plug on the shows in order to work on their second studio album, so next week's gig (Friday, August 31) will be one of the last chances fans have to see the group live this year.

If previous shows are anything to go by it will be quite a gig, made all the more exciting by the fact it is their long-awaited home-coming concert.

Bexhill you see, will always have a very special place in the hearts of singer Noo, bassist Niall, drummer Gareth and guitarists Oli and Tate.

The group even recorded a short video tour of the town for the music magazine the NME, so the bands masses of fans could get a glimpse of their home town.

Noo explained: "Growing up here did not directly influenced our sound but growing up here certainly did affect the way we look at things.

"In our own brains at least, we made Bexhill a magical place. The fact we had to use our brains and imagination a little bit meant we could became inspired by the mundane and I think this optimism shows through in our music."

It would be fair to say the band are exciting about the show, especially after a manic performance at the Crypt earlier this year.

Guitarist Oli confirmed: "It is lovely coming back here after we have been away.

"We don't recognised as much as when we are on tour, although somebody sent me a message on myspace the other day saying they had seen me in Co-op."

Support comes from hotly-tipped Hastings four-piece Youngplan who, much like their pals Mumm-Ra, have been causing a stir in the music press.

As if that wasn't enough there will also be a live screening of Mumm-Ra's silent film - The Rock's Horror Picture Show, directed by up-and-coming director Simon Pollard.

The nine minute flick was shot on location in Bexhill and is included on the band's debut album These Things Move in Threes.

For tickets, which are priced at 10, call the Redstack Box office hotline on 0871 200 3080.