Mum’s safety concerns after son hit by car

Ryan Newton and his sister Regan
Ryan Newton and his sister Regan
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A MOTHER is calling for a busy road to be made safer for schoolchildren after her son was hit by a car.

Nicole Newton, of Buckingham Road, St Leonards, said nine-year-old Ryan was left ‘badly shaken’ after the car struck him while he walked across Quebec Road back home from Hollington School where he attends.

She said: “Ryan was carrying his sister Regan’s lunchbox, which took most of the impact from the car so he escaped serious injury. The plastic bottle inside it was squashed and the lid had come off and the box itself was crushed.

“Ryan has walked to and from school on his own for a year-and-a-half so knows the route well and was looking both directions for traffic before he crossed. But the car came and hit him.

“It was not going too fast and the driver got out to see if he was OK. Ryan was left pretty shaken afterwards and when I went out with him later that day he held my hand the entire time and jumped a mile when a car came.”

Ryan was hit on May 26 and his mum said it came a week after a girl, also from Hollington School, was struck by a car outside school hours in the same road as she was riding her scooter.

There are two lollipop ladies who help pupils from Hollington School cross the roads, one in Blackman Avenue and the other in Marline Road.

The mother-of-two is calling for any sort of traffic calming in Quebec Road to be brought in, such as speed humps, another lollipop lady, or a reduction in car parking spaces.

John Smith, headteacher of Hollington School, said: “I am always concerned when one of our pupils are hurt. We do have concerns about parking outside the school grounds.. Children are taught about road safety regularly at school.”

A spokesman for East Sussex County Council said: “We are sorry to hear about this incident and we do sympathise with the lady whose son was involved, however, we currently have no plans for traffic calming in Quebec Road.

“The latest police data shows the road has a relatively good safety record with only two slight injury crashes, and neither of these would have been prevented by traffic calming. We receive hundreds of requests for traffic calming and have to prioritise our work to en sure our limited funds are used at sites where they are most needed.”