Mum’s online campaign to trace sleep suit

The babygrow
The babygrow

When Elena Goodsell realised her husband had accidentally given away her son’s first sleep suit within a bag of donations to St Michael’s Hospice, she decided to start a social media campaign to find it - with amazing results.

She contacted the hospice’s charity shop in Ore straight away on noticing the mistake but feared her beloved item was lost forever.

Elena, of Whitefriars Road, said: “The volunteers at the shop were very sympathetic but explained all their shop donations had already been dispatched to their sorting warehouse.

“In my desperation to have this item returned I posted pictures of the lost babygrow on various selling and community pages on Facebook.

“Sherry Conlay, a St Michael’s Hospice volunteer, contacted me after seeing one of my posts and immediately went to the warehouse to try and find it, but with no success.”

However Sherry did not give up and continued searching through bags of donations for two days until she finally found it.

Elena added: “I think it’s wonderful the charity and its volunteers spent so much time trying to help me.

“I also received many messages of support from St Michael’s Hospice staff and their volunteers. I can never thank them enough, as well as the local community, for all their involvement in having this precious item returned. It was truly like finding a needle in a haystack.”

Sherry said: “As soon as I saw Elena’s Facebook post, I knew I wanted to help.

“I know how sentimental your baby’s first clothes are and wanted to help as much as I could.

“When I first started sorting through the bags of donations it seems like an impossible task, but the more I looked the more determined I was to find it.

“I was absolutely delighted when I found the lost sleep suit and was just so pleased we were able to return to Elena.”