Moth art wings its way to cafes

One of the moths now available across town
One of the moths now available across town

ART fans are being encouraged to take to the cafes and shops of 1066 Country in order to track down a collection of free postcards.

The eight designs feature the various moth motifs which local design firm Zeroh has put up at various venues across town.

Daniel Hardicker and Neil Hetherington from Zeroh worked closely with street artist Paul Curtis, also known as Moose, to perfect a unique way of leaving their mark on the town’s walls.

Moose’s technique involves using stencils and little more than hot water to mould the eye-catching murals.

Rather than spray paint the design onto the surface, the method sees the artist simply clean parts of a dirty wall – with the result being a striking, but temporary display.

Hardicker and Hetherington have ‘painted’ eight of the moth designs on buildings across Hastings and St Leonards with the idea being that local art fans would hunt down each mural, similar to the way street art enthusiasts ‘collect’ the Ben Eine shutters seen dotted throughout town.

Some proved easier to find than others – which is where the new postcards come in.

To help people track down the murals, Hardicker and Hetherington have come up with the free 6x4s, which the pair have now distributed to cafes, shops and galleries.

“There will only be one design at each place,” explained Mr Hetherington, “so people will have to hunt around a bit to collect the entire series – just like they had to look for the moths themselves. The reaction to the project has been brilliant so far. All the feedback we have had has been positive and we are already planning to do something similar again in the new year.”

Each card has the location of the ‘painted’ moth on the back and Zeroh has teamed up with the Observer to offer seven lucky readers limited edition prints.

The first seven people to photograph themselves holding a postcard in front of the featured moth mural (not including East Ascent which shows all the moths) will get a signed print. There is also a secret moth somewhere in the Marina area of St Leonards.Email your photographs to