More youth theatre like this needed

Fantastic Day by Dance Moves, at The Stables Theatre
Fantastic Day by Dance Moves, at The Stables Theatre

Review: Fantastic Day by Dance Moves, Stables Theatre, June 21 to 22.

Lights, Camera, Interaction - A Fantastic Day indeed! Yet again The Stables Theatre has brought audiences together as a venue for compelling theatre.

The show, by performers of all ages, but in particular teeny tots and youth theatre, asks, what is important in life?

At the heart of the show was the question if you could give someone one day, one hour or just one minute - what would you give them?

Time fairies and their friends wove wonderful stories together and guided the audience through the performance.

It was impossible not to be engaged in the enchanting atmosphere that was created, and indeed cry, as one woman did next to me.

Using drama, musical theatre, a range of contemporary movement, tap and ballet plus the most fabulous use of lighting, sound, audience participation and creativity, the performance took us on a funny, touching, heart wrenching and thought provoking journey of memories past and possibly still to come.

This was a joyous experience and Viv Wormley-Healing who wrote, choreographed and produced the show, should be highly commended for playing so well to the imaginations of adults and children alike.

Young people need more youth theatre like this.

Review by Jacqui Le Put