More than £1 million lost in uncollected council tax

THE council lost out on more than £1 million in unpaid council tax last year, according to recent national figures.

Hastings had the largest proportion of uncollected tax in Sussex, it being 96.4 per cent, over the 12 months to March this year.

Nearly £15 million of council tax was left uncollected across Sussex as a whole during the same period.

But Hastings Borough Council said things had improved and the 96.4 per cent rate was the highest figure since the tax was first introduced in 1993.

Kevin Boorman, the authority’s spokesman, said: “We failed to collect £1.32 million last year in council tax but at the same time did collect £36.2 million, which was £860,000 up on the previous year.

“It was a very good result and we will continue to strive to pursue the arrears and increase this figure even further.

“Council tax is one of our most important sources of income which is used to provide vital services to people in Hastings.”