Money secured for eco project on The Stade

A GROUP has been given the go-ahead to fund a new environmentally friendly project at the Stade Open Space.

Hastings Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) is promoting the Eco-Stade project, which will combine low impact tourism, camping, walking and cycling with fish buying and cooking. It will also pay for a host of new amenities.

Cllr Peter Chowney, chairman of Hastings FLAG, said: “I’m very pleased that the FLAG has been able to fund this project. Plans include a portable camera obscura to allow an exciting view of the fishing fleet and increase the awareness of the connection between boat and plate, as well as giant games and Astroturf matting. There will be portable staging to allow for more events and performances together with traditional deck chairs. Real-time digital display boards will be installed telling people what’s on in the Stade area with particular reference to the Classroom on the Coast and cooking demonstrations.”

Paul Joy, chairman of Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society (HFPS), added: “HFPS fully supports this worthwhile enterprise and looks forward to working with the various partners and seeing the improvements take shape.”