Mobility scooter stolen

Theophilus Peters who had his mobility scooter stolen
Theophilus Peters who had his mobility scooter stolen

THIEVES have taken a disability scooter from the home of a man with a weak spine who uses it to get about town

Theophilus Peters, aged 64, was devastated when he found the scooter had been taken from the shed at the front of his home in Ashburnham Road.

The retired nurse was about to go shopping when he spotted the lock had been taken and the scooter was missing. It had been taken overnight between last Thursday evening and 9.30am on Friday.

The thieves had left track marks from dragging the rubber tyres for about 100 yards down to the junction with Edgar Street where they stopped.

Theophilus was given the £3,600 scooter by the British Legion after it raised funds after he was diagnosed with meningitis in 2010. The illness left him with a weakened spine. He needs a walking stick to get about. His left knee is also weak.

“Theophilus said: “I’ve lived half my life down here and I would never have expected anything like this to happen. People like this are just the lowest of the low. They have taken something that helped my quality of life bought through the generosity of the British Region members. The machine is very heavy so they would have had to lift it up somehow to take it away.”

“I followed the rubber tyre marks down the street. I thought they would lead me straight to the culprits.

“But they just vanished. Somebody must know who has done this and I would urge them to get in touch with the police.”

The scooter was blue and was a Kymco Midi XMB model. If you have information contact Hastings Police on 101 quoting reference number EH2/064944/12