Mobile technology introduced to monitor patients

Nursing staff with hand held VitalPAC devices
Nursing staff with hand held VitalPAC devices

A NEW clinical monitoring system using hand-held mobile technology has started to be introduced at the Conquest Hospital.

It was launched on De Cham ward and will be rolled out across both the Conquest and Eastbourne’s DGH by October.

The system, called VitalPAC, monitors and analyses patients’ vital signs and enables staff to automatically summon timely and appropriate help if a patient deteriorates and removes the need for paper-based monitoring charts.

Sister Victoria Gordon, from De Cham ward, said: “Staff have been using the new system for a week now and the advantages of this new monitoring system are already apparent.” Alice Webster, director of nursing, said: “Implementing this new system will improve patient safety and patient outcomes as it will identify deteriorating patients earlier and allow for quicker clinical intervention. This is particularly true in enabling specialist teams such as critical care outreach, infection control and pain services, to use this as a surveillance system to identify and intervene proactively.”