Missing cat reunited with Hastings family after 14 years

Jason and Stephen the Seagull
Jason and Stephen the Seagull

An elderly cat has been reunited with its Hastings family after going missing for almost 14 years.

According to owner Lesley Swan, 22-year-old moggy Jason was adopted as a kitten by in the late 90s, living with her and parents at their family home in Hastings.

But after nearly eight years living with the Swans, Jason disappeared without a trace.

Lesley said: “We put up missing posters and looked all over for him at the time but there was no sign of him.”

There continued to be no sign of him for more than a decade. That was until last year when the Swan family were unexpectedly called by a vet where Jason had been taken by a concerned passer-by.

Lesley said: “He wasn’t in the best of states, we think he had been living on the streets for a couple of years.

“It was strange he instantly recognised the place when we took him home and he seemed to recognise us as well. He’s quite elderly now I suppose and it’s good he can spend his last few years somewhere nice.

Jason now lives with Lesley’s parents Hazel and Edward at the Swan family home in Hastings. Since returning home, Jason has formed a ‘friendship’ with an unusual companion – Steven the Seagull. Lesley says the pair can often be seen sitting together in her family’s garden whiling away time.