Miniature railway engine renamed to remember Daisy

An engine that used to belong to Hastings Miniature Railway has been named Daisy who sadly passed away
An engine that used to belong to Hastings Miniature Railway has been named Daisy who sadly passed away

A train purchased from Hastings Miniature Railway has been named after a 12-year-old girl who passed away earlier this year.

Daisy Nimmo – who was born with a rare genetic condition called Costello Syndrome which meant she needed a wheelchair – died on January 31.

Daisy loved waving off the miniature railway trains

Daisy loved waving off the miniature railway trains

She suffered from epilepsy and had learning difficulties but she loved waving off passengers travelling on the miniature railway when she went to visit her grandparents in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Her 76-year-old grandmother Julie Thomas, from Norfolk Road, Littlehampton, said: “She was so brave. She lived life to the full and brought a lot of happiness to people. She was a very brave child and so well-loved, but it was time for her to go.”

The Littlehampton Miniature Railway purchased Tilby – a petrol hydraulic carriage – from Hastings Miniature Railway and rebuilt it before naming it Daisy in memory of Daisy Nimmo.

The owner of Hastings Miniature Railway Dan Radcliffe said it was a ‘lovely touch’.

He added: “Littlehampton Miniature Railway approached us last year about purchasing Tilby and we sold her to them in around April this year.

“We had to do a little bit of work before we sold her because the track is wider down at Littlehampton than it is here and we also made it slightly easier for the drivers to get in and out of.”

The train was unveiled at Mewsbrook Park, in Littlehampton, by Daisy’s mother Stephanie, 49, on Sunday, October 15.

Stephanie had started a campaign earlier this year which helped raise enough money to get Daisy the engine completed and put the carriage plans back on track after vandals stole tools from the railway in July.

She said: “It was really emotional for me unveiling the train named after my little girl. She would be delighted and very proud.”

Members of Hastings Miniature Railway were also invited along to the unveiling.

Dan added: “A couple of our members went down to see Tilby being unveiled after she had been turned into Daisy to remember the little girl who sadly died.

“We all thought it was a lovely touch to do that for her.

“I wasn’t able to get down there myself with it being peak season but a few of the members went and said it was a lovely day.

“We weren’t using the engine anymore so it is really nice to see it revamped and being used by another miniature railway.

“They have done a really lovely job with the locomotive.”