Mini pedallers on a charity mission

From left to right: Mark Collins with baby Fletcher, Libby Collins and Claire Collins
From left to right: Mark Collins with baby Fletcher, Libby Collins and Claire Collins

TWO children are each gearing up for a sponsored bike ride to raise money for causes close to their hearts.

Libby Collins, who is five, is pedalling along the seafront from Hastings Pier to The Stade and back in aid of sick babies.

Seven-year-old Daniel Harrison will be cycling from Rye Harbour to Winchelsea beach and back to raise money for Sandown School’s swimming pool appeal.

Both youngsters are each doing their bike rides with their families next Sunday (March 18).

Libby’s mum, Claire, of Playden Gardens, said: “After Libby saw an advert for Save the Children on TV she said she wanted to raise money for poorly babies and came up with the idea of doing a sponsored event. We talked about local charities and things she could do and she decided she wanted to raise money for the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at the Conquest Hospital.

“It’s been really well-received and her belief in this cause is being supported by Adapt Property Services which has sponsored her in this venture.

“It said it will match fund whatever amount Libby collects in sponsorship for SCBU. Libby has so far raised £150 and with Adapt’s match funding she will have £300, which is no mean feat for a five-year-old, who came up with the idea all by herself.

“The owner of Adapt, Paolo Hanson’s 13-month-old son, was in SCBU when he was born and therefore knows how valuable this service is to parents.”

Daniel, who attends Sandown School on The Ridge, has already got more than £80 in sponsorship and is hoping to raise as much as possible on his bike ride, which is five miles in total.

His school launched its pool appeal in 2010.

Daniel’s mum, Emma, of Frederick Road, said: “The school has so far raised £22,000 but needs to get £100,000 in total.

“It installed a completely new boiler just over a year ago and more recently the school had a new liner put in the pool and upgraded the hand rails and steps in line with health and safety standards.

“Daniel loves swimming and it is an important skill for everyone to learn. Community groups use the school’s pool a lot.” If anyone would like to sponsor Libby they can call her mum on 07915 872280. Those wanting to sponsor Daniel can ring his mum on 07788 230595.