Mayor says g’day to Aussie cricketers

Players from Northern Suburbs Cricket Club meet the mayor
Players from Northern Suburbs Cricket Club meet the mayor

AN Australian cricket team was bowled over after being welcomed to 1066 Country by the mayor of Hastings - and presented with a commemorative plaque for their clubhouse Down Under.

The Northern Suburbs Cricket Club, from the Mackay District of Queensland, started their three-week tour of East Sussex here in Hastings.

During their stay they’ll be competing against a host of local cricket teams, including Crowhurst Park and Hastings Priory.

All 34 players were invited to the town hall earlier this week along with Gordon Pells, the chairman of Crowhurst Park Cricket Club, to meet the mayor, Councillor Kim Forward.

And the Australians were given the special plaque bearing the Hastings coat of arms.

This isn’t the first time the club have travelled to the other side of the world though, back in 2008 they made the 24-hour trip after someone recommended Hastings as a great place to play cricket.

The town must have made a good impression because since their first trip three years ago they’ve been planning their return.

Wayne Carvolth, president of the club, said: “We loved Hastings so much the first time round that we decided to come back.

“It’s taken us two years of fundraising to get the $37,500 needed to fund this trip, but I’m sure all the raffles and car washing we did to get here will be worthwhile.”

Mayor Cllr Forward, said: “It’s remarkable that we’ve attracted visitors all the way from Australia, who have gone to extraordinary lengths to get here.

“It just goes to show how special Hastings is. I hope they have a wonderful time here.”