Mayor and Mufti visit schools across town

20/9/13- Xtrax Mayors Challenge at Christchurch School
20/9/13- Xtrax Mayors Challenge at Christchurch School

XTRAX young people’s charity launched its Mammoth Month of fundraising with a race across Hastings and Rother to visit as many schools as possible in one day.

Pupils gave a warm welcome to fundraising duo Mayor Alan Roberts and Xtrax mascot Mufti the Monkey on their Mayor’s Challenge tour last Friday (September 20).

20/9/13- Xtrax Mayors Challenge at Silverdale School, St Leonards.

20/9/13- Xtrax Mayors Challenge at Silverdale School, St Leonards.

They were accompanied by Xtrax manager Andrew Batsford, who said: “The children at every school were amazing cheering on our dynamic duo as they raised much-needed money for Xtrax.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all the schools that took part, especially Silverdale School which provided a yummy school dinner for the mayor and a banana muffin for Mufti.”

The following afternoon, 400 balloons were launched on the seafront for the Xtrax Great Balloon Race for which tickets were a sell-out.

“Thank you so much to everyone who bought a balloon and good luck to the person whose balloon travels the furthest - they will win £50,” added Sam Thomas, Xtrax deputy manager.

The Mammoth Month is continuing with another competition still up for grabs.

One child will win the prize of becoming mayor for the day - opening events and cutting ribbons, handing out awards, having lunch with dignitaries and other important people plus the honour of leading the bonfire night procession and lighting the Hastings Bonfire.

To enter, competitors must write a short story or poem about what they would do if they were mayor for a day.

Hand the entries in to the town hall, Children’s Library or Waterstones in the town centre.

The deadline for entries to be submitted is Saturday, October 5.

To help youngsters get their ideas onto paper, Cllr Roberts and Mufti will be at the Children’s Library tomorrow (Saturday) from 1pm to 3pm .

Cllr Roberts said: “The Mayor and Mufti will be at the children’s Library this Saturday 1pm-3pm to help you write those amazing stories that could win you that incredible prize!

“Xtrax is an amazing charity doing such important work with our Hastings young people.

“I am very proud to support it, plus I get to hang out with my good mate Mufti the Monkey.”