Maya’s Christmas peace trip in war ravaged Afghanistan

A PEACE campaigner is currently in war-torn Afghanistan on a peace delegation over the festive period.

Maya Evans, from St Leonards, has been in the capital Kabul for more than a week and within that time has visited a refugee camp and a centre for visually impaired children run by volunteers. She has also spoken with a woman who lost her two teenage sons in a suicide bombing attack.

The delegation is being hosted by Afghan peace makers.

Maya said: “It’s a very eye-opening situation to live with Afghans who tell you their everyday stories; family members killed in drone attacks, being held up and threatened by the Taliban at provincial road blocks, losing a cousin to a recent suicide bomb attack in Kabul.”

Maya spent last Christmas in Afghanistan, meeting with refugees and ordinary people affected by the ravages of war.

Peace delegate Beth Tichborne said: “Afghanistan is in its 32nd year of war, the people of Afghanistan are exhausted and depressed by the ongoing violence.

“Our overall impression it that people want peace, they want an honest government, children want to go to school, people want to work. Britain’s involvement in the ongoing war is part of making a further barrier for ordinary Afghans to get on.” The British peace delegation are part of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, which is working with young Afghan peace activists who want a non-violent resolution to more than 30 years of war.