Man died of sudden heart attack in bed

A 31-YEAR-old man died in his sleep from a rare heart condition.

Despite appearing to be healthy and fit, Nathan Rudd, of Larkfield Close, St Leonards, died from what is believed to have been Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), a condition that leads to unexpected death of a healthy young person from a heart attack.

An inquest on Wednesday (August 31) heard Mr Rudd was making strange snoring noises which awoke his partner, Carolyn, early in the morning.

She realised something was wrong and called paramedics, who sadly were unable to revive him.

Mr Rudd, a plumbing and heating engineer, who died on April 19, was not overweight and did not suffer from any ailments, except eczema on his feet.

His partner, who was with him for four years, said: “Nathan was feeling very tired in general and we both thought it was due to the fact that he worked so hard.

“Around two years ago I heard a crash in the bathroom while he was using the toilet, as he had collapsed. But there was no clear history of fainting and he was not overweight.”

She said on the day Mr Rudd died she awoke at 5am to hear a strange noise and thought he was snoring.

She told the inquest: “I shook him to try to wake him. The noise got increasingly louder before I turned on the light and realised he was not snoring. I then rang the emergency services.”

Dr Mark Boxer, pathologist at the Conquest Hospital, said Mr Rudd, who was a plumbing and heating engineer, had complained about pain in his lower left leg just a day before he died.

He said a post-mortem examination showed evidence of heart failure.

“Sudden cardiac death is also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” Dr Boxer said.

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.

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