Man attacked by gang of muggers in town centre

Thomas Pescott
Thomas Pescott

A MAN suffered a fractured eye socket after being savagely attacked during a robbery.

Thomas Pescott, 20, of Emmanuel Road, bravely fought off the gang of muggers before they ran off, leaving him bruised and battered.

He nearly blacked out at one point when one of the men put his arm around Mr Pescott’s neck, trying to strangle him, he told the Observer.

The robbery took place on Sunday morning (December 8) in the graveyard next to Wallingers Walk in Castle Road.

Mr Pescott was walking home from Flairz following a gig with band Anti Fashion when he was attacked.

He said: “The men had followed me from the town centre and then through Wallingers Walk.

“When I walked past the graveyard one guy came up from behind me, putting his arm around my throat. He dragged me into the graveyard and told one of his friends to take my stuff.

“At one point I lost my temper and fought back. They stomped on my face and punched me a few times.

“I was trying to fight back the whole time. There were six of them and they were kicking me in the face.

“One man tried to strangle me as well to the point that I starting to black out.

“My right eye socket was fractured and I had extensive bruising to the forehead.”

The gang, who Mr Pescott said were all in their 20s and wearing hoodies, stole his leather jacket, hoodie and door keys.

They also ripped his t-shirt he was wearing and took his tobacco and wallet, which contained no money. However it had his driving licence and credit card inside.

Mr Pescott said: “I fought them off until they ran, hence why I still have my phone as they were after that.

“They were just after a quick fix and unfortunately they targeted me.

“I’m angry because I was only 10 minutes’ walk away from my house and have done this same walk almost every day of my life in the last five years and never had any trouble until now.”

Michelle Tugwell, spokeswoman for Sussex Police, said: “A man reported that he had been robbed by five or six men in the graveyard next to Wallingers Walk, Castle Road, Hastings at 1.50am on Sunday.

“He was punched and kicked and they stole his jacket containing his wallet and tobacco.

“He suffered bruising and swelling and a fractured eye socket, for which he went to the Conquest Hospital for treatment.

“Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone who witnessed the robbery should contact police on 101 quoting serial 0144 of December 8 or email”