Man, 21, admits allowing dogs to escape from house and attack nearby residents

24/7/12- Spencer Brown from St Leonards leaving Hastings court after pleading guilty to charges against him.
24/7/12- Spencer Brown from St Leonards leaving Hastings court after pleading guilty to charges against him.
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A 21-year-old man has admitted allowing his two dogs to escape from his house and maul six people in a frenzied attack leaving five needing hospital treatment, three with serious injuries.

Spencer Brown, of Marline Road, St Leonards, admitted eight charges when he appeared before Hastings Magistrates Court.

The court heard how just a few weeks earlier one of Brown’s dogs had attacked another man leaving him with 69 stitches in his hand and unable to work.

Magistrates were told how the dogs launched the attack on innocent passers-by leaving a trail of carnage in their wake biting and mauling anyone who lay in their path.

Five people required hospital treatment after Brown’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier called ‘Tilly’ and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross called ‘Freak,’ went on the rampage biting victims and anyone who went to help them on their arms and legs.

Three of the victims, Dan Smith, Sharon Brooker and her 21-year-old daughter Clare Moseley, have undergone plastic surgery at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.

Brown was arrested on Sunday evening shortly after the attacks. Magistrates were told the father-of-one was brought to court in custody for his own safety.

He admitted six charges of owning a dog which was allowed to be dangerously out of control and cause injuries in a public place.

He admitted one charge of possessing cannabis after police found a small quantity during a search of his house.

Brown also admitted one charge of owning a dog which caused injury in a private place.

This related to an incident on May 16 when Brown was at the home of a man called Jason Griggs.

There was an altercation between the pair during which Freak jumped up and bit Mr Griggs on the hand.

His injuries required 69 stitches and he was unable to use or bend one of his fingers. As a self-employed electrician he has been unable to return to work since.

Prosecuting solicitor Jeremy King told the drama unfolded around 8.30pm on Sunday.

He said: “Dan Smith was walking along Marline Road when his attention was called to two dogs on the side of the road with no leads on.

“Mr Smith was walking his own terrier dog. He picked it up and got it away.

“He said the dogs attacked him in a frenzied manner. He was bitten to his head and arms and was taken to hospital.

“Maggie Deeprose was walking towards the road pulling her shopping trolley and was subjected to an attack.

“David Noakes went to assist and sat on top of the brown dog.

“When he was on the floor the black dog came over and bit him to the leg.

“Sharon Brooker was driving past in her car. She went to assist and both dogs went for her.

“She was bitten on her left arm by the brown dog.

“Sandra James went to assist. The brown dog bit her on the leg and the black dog bit her on the arm.

“Robert Glisson also went to assist. Maggie Deeprose saw the black dog and the brown dog bit Mr Glisson.

“He was shouting for the dogs to get off and the black one jumped up.

“The police then arrived at the scene and controlled both dogs used fire extinguishers.

“A small amount of cannabis worth £50 was found in the living room. They found the downstairs window was left open.

“In police interview he said he had Tilly for three and a half years since she was a pup and Freak for seven years. Tilly was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross weighing 25kg. Freak was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with an American Bulldog weighing 35kg.

“He went out about 7.30pm and said he was sorry for the injuries caused. He said the dogs must have been scared.”

Magistrates heard Brown had previously been before the court on two occasions.

In December 2010 he was given a two year conditional discharge for assault by beating on 31 July 2010.

In February 2011 he was given an 18 month conditional discharge for for criminal damage on August 5, 2010.

Defending solicitor Mark Glendenning said: “The allegation from May involved his relationship with a young lady.

“There was a dispute at that address where he was arrested.

“The dog was protecting Spencer Brown.

“He had no previous problems with that animal. He had been living at that address. There was another person living in the house.

“He left at 7.30pm to see his father in Battle. He left the dogs in a secure room with food and water believing his friend would return from work within an hour.

“He can not ascertain how the dogs got out.

“He accepts they had got into a public place.

“He apologises and regrets their actions. It is an unfortunate series of events.

“He recently became the father of a baby girl. He went to see his GP two weeks ago and is undergoing counselling in relationship to his drug abuse.

“He was brought into custody largely for his own protection.”

Magistrates committed the case to Lewes Crown Court for sentence at a later date.

They granted Brown conditional bail and ordered he resides at his mother’s house in Corby, Northamptonshire until his next appearance in court.