Making Hastings famous: a new approach to promoting the town

Photo taken at Jack in the Green.
Photo taken at Jack in the Green.

IS Hastings the most famous town in the world?

In an attempt to dust off the cobwebs and give its image a bit of a makeover, a new initiative “Famously Hastings” was launched on November 1, by Hastings Borough Council, encouraging a consistent approach to promoting the town.

Councillor Peter Chowney, lead member for regeneration, explained: “We realised that almost everyone in the English-speaking world had heard of Hastings, and that it was well known for so many different reasons, dating back, of course, to 1066. We are famously Hastings!

“And we are famously green (both sustainable and the home of Jack in the Green), famously innovative (television was invented here, and we now have a number of companies at the very cutting edge of new technology), famously creative (with a large community of working artists and the Jerwood Gallery) and, of course, famously crazy (we hold the world record for the number of pirates in one place, and the world crazy golf championships are held here!).

“So we are encouraging local organisations to use ‘famously Hastings’ in their marketing, and we have also launched a brand new website,, which shows just what a great place Hastings is to live, visit, study and invest in.”

The website features video interviews with those who call Hastings their home - including comedy actress Doon Mackichan, DJ John Digweed, writer Kathryn Flett, artist Ben Eine and comedian Jo Brand - explaining just why the town is such a great place.

Following the launch of the “Famously Hastings” brand, we are asking readers to tell us what they think the town is famous, or ought to be famous for.

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