Looking for a Hastings man’s surviving relatives

A PROBATE firm is trying to trace the surviving relatives of a man who died without making a will.

Malcolm Wallis, of Lineage Research Limited, which based in Hartlepool, believes they may be living in the Hastings and Battle areas.

He said: “I am currently looking into an estate where someone has died without leaving a valid will and I am trying to trace the living relatives and therefore possible beneficiaries to that estate.

“The person in question died in Sunderland in 2009.

I am looking for the descendants of John Mountain and Dorcas Mountain, formally Carpenter, who were married in Battle in 1941 and whose deaths were both registered in Hastings and Rother in 1999 and 1995 respectively.

“As far as I am aware they had five children, Dorcas M. born 1941, Rosemarie, who was born in 1947, John, born in 1951, Thomas A., born in 1956 and Hazel J., born in 1957.

“I would like to hear from them or their children or anyone who knows them.”

Mr Wallis can be contacted on 07538 006694 or by email at info@lineageresearch.co.uk.