Longest serving RNLI member retires this week

Pat Irwin
Pat Irwin

THE longest current serving member at Hastings RNLI has announced his retirement this week.

Pat Irwin has worked as an auditor since the 1950s and this meant he was an ideal candidate to act as a treasurer for the Hastings branch.

He took on the role of treasurer in the mid 1960s and has stayed there ever since.

In addition to undertaking the vital role of treasurer, Pat is also the current vice-chairman of the Hastings branch.

He received the RNLI’s gold badge, and has been made an Honorary Life Governor - the latter honour being one of only two ever to be awarded to committee members at Hastings.

Peter Adams, lifeboat operations manager at Hastings, said: “Pat has been a central part of lifeboat activity at Hastings for more than half a century.

“His work, often undertaken out of the limelight, was nevertheless crucial to the running of the station.

“When people think of lifeboats they often only imagine the volunteers putting to sea in order to save lives.

“However, the RNLI can only operate as a result of public donations, and people like Pat are just as important to the organisation through ensuring that the public’s generous gifts are looked after and spent wisely.

“He has been a huge asset to Hastings RNLI and will be sorely missed. That said, we all wish him well, and hope that he has a long and happy retirement.”