Long overdue clear up of net house area takes place after a campaign

Beach improvements SUS-180129-093751001
Beach improvements SUS-180129-093751001

Local author and fishing fleet historian Steve Peake says he is delighted the council has finally cleared up the beach between the net huts opposite the Dolphin pub.

Steve said: “This is the result of years of my personal campaigning to have this done. It was such a horrible mess.

“The whole area is already looking far better than it did. A year or so ago, when my campaigning to have this work carried out seemed to be getting somewhere, I explained it to Old Town councillor James Bacon, who was supportive.”

Cllr Bacon said: “Steve Peak has been ardently campaigning for years to improve the visual look of this area of land in Rock-A-Nore, much like the successful tidy up of the area next to the Fishermen’s Museum.

“The net huts and fishing industry are so important to the culture and life of Hastings and I am really pleased to see that these are being continually supported and that the improvements to the land have been agreed by Hastings Borough Council. Well done to Steve for keeping the campaign going.”

Council leader Peter Chowney said: “A weed suppressing mesh was installed over the entire area and this was then covered with shingle from the beach to bring the ground level back to its original height from when the net shops were built. Due to the sensitive nature of the site all of the works in the immediate vicinity of the net shops themselves was done by hand. I’m pleased this work has now been completed, it makes the area look much tidier and more attractive.”

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