London Trader opening hours could be cut

The London Trader
The London Trader

A PUB in the Old Town could lose its licence or have its opening hours reduced amid complaints over noise and violence.

The London Trader, in East Beach Street, is coming under the spotlight by Hastings Borough Council’s (HBC) licensing committee on Thursday.

Police said there had been a number of incidents of violence at the pub over the past 12 months.

These include customers throwing drinks, someone being hit over the head with a beer glass, another person being struck by a bar stool, as well as drunken behaviour by customers.

Police also said there have been complaints about loud music and customers spilling out onto the pavement outside the pub.

In one case, more than 40 customers were on the pavement on July 30 outside The London Trader, meaning passers-by had to walk in the road.

Neil Moser, owner of Foyles Bed and Breakfast in East Beach Street, wrote to the council’s principal environmental health officer, David Bell, over allegations of noise from the pub.

He said: “Our front windows have even been smashed on two separate occasions, which obviously frightened our guests and we had to pay for the repairs.

“After significant alcohol consumption the language of the pub’s clientele is appalling and fights often break out, spilling out onto the streets. Our guests have been forced to call the police several times due to the noise and violence during the early hours of the morning.”

Mr Bell, in his report, which comes before next Thursday’s licensing meeting, said: “It is my opinion that serious consideration should be given to revoking the premises licence. At the very least a considerable scaling back of times and permitted activities is required.”

Stephen Foot, licensee of The London Trader, was unable for comment at time of going to press.