Local Youth Council helps to raise awareness of mental health issues

Time To Talk Day SUS-181202-093756001
Time To Talk Day SUS-181202-093756001

Members of Hastings Youth Council joined forces with Mayor Cllr Judy Rogers on February 1 to support Time for Talk Day.

The initiative, which is run by Time to Change helps to spread the word that anywhere can be the right place to talk about mental health.

Love Hastings, Love yourself, a local organisation, planned the event, which took place at the Source skate park and attracted many people of all ages.

The event enabled conversations about mental health issues to take place.

Hastings Youth Council chair Huda said: “We are part of Love Hastings Love Yourself and it’s in our manifesto to raise awareness of mental health.

“Young people suffer from a variety of mental health problems and more needs to be done to support and help these young people; one way is to start to talk about mental health and stop it from becoming a taboo subject.”

Mayor Judy Rogers said: “It was good to see the young people engaging with the activities going on and getting the message across that there is support and help out there for anyone with mental health issues.

“That can be a safe place, someone to listen, or people to signpost you to help. It was a privilege to be a part of the event.”

The Youth Council hold a bi-monthly open meeting to discuss any issues, give a progress update of work and plan for the next two months work.

It is supported by Hastings Borough Council who provide workers, office space and an annual budget.

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