Local schools and colleges celebrate World Book Day

Students from The St Leonards Academy on World Book Day
Students from The St Leonards Academy on World Book Day

STUDENTS and staff at William Parker Sports College stopped whatever they were doing to read for 20 minutes straight to mark World Book Day.

As the clock struck at 1pm, everyone, including teachers picked up something to read.

Reporters from the college newsletter, The Parker Pulse, raced around the college taking photos of students and staff relishing their 20 minutes, getting immersed in the world of books.

They found them reading everything from books and magazines to comics and newspapers.

The reporters came across an extremely cheerful Dr Seuss, who was reading with students and found a couple of teachers deeply engrossed in their bright pink kindles.

Many teachers brought in books they were reading at home and had pleasure reading them at college.

Everyone at The St Leonards Academy also celebrated World Book Day, beginning with a visit from author Kevin Graal, who ran a series of storytelling workshops with students in year seven.

The celebrations then continued throughout last week with students eager to ‘Catch the Reading Plague’ by capturing pictures of their friends and family reading anything, from their cat reading the academy newsletter to their parents reading.

The festivities concluded last Thursday with the students dressing up as their favourite book character, taking part in a treasure hunt around the academy and a whole ‘Academy Drop Everything and Read’ at the end of the day.

Sarah Doherty, teacher, said: “All of the students had a fantastic day showing off their favourite books and searching for the hidden treasure around the building. At the academy we believe that reading for pleasure is a vital part of the students’ education.”