Local music news from Andy Gunton

This month’s column is going to have a distinct radio theme as that’s what I’ve been doing with myself for much of the month of May.

Hastings Rock radio may now be gone from your radio dials once again, but if original local music is your thing you can still hear the four dedicated Local Music Shows that I presented for the station.

You can find them all at www.mixcloud.com/HastingsRock.

I had some great feedback about these shows, so I hope that you’ll enjoy them too. You’ll find a great variety of local musical talent within the shows, much that you may not have heard before and hopefully something to make you want to search out any local gigs by the acts included. Enjoy.

In other local radio news, Carnival FM will be back on the air for Hastings Old Town Carnival Week (August 1 to 11) and I will be presenting a Local Music Show for the station on weekdays between 6pm and 8pm. These shows will be featuring live studio sessions from original local acts, as they proved very popular last year.

Find out more at www.carnivalfm.co.uk.

Not content with releasing their sixth album in January, local rockers King Bathmat have just announced a brand new album Overcoming The Monster scheduled for July 2013. And to prove that they’re no slackers, keyboard player David Georgiou has even found time to release his own Clockwork Utopia album under the name The Sandpaper Eyebrows. Busy, busy.

One other piece of good news is that the annual RNLI Beach Concerts will thankfully be taking place again this year, after some financial concerns. They will be on Saturday and Sunday, August 3 and 4. The line-up is yet to be revealed.

Let’s hope that summer has finally arrived by then.

Andy Gunton, Pierless Music & Hastings Rock