Local MP talks about being a good citizen with students

Amber Rudd MP with the Sussex Coast College pupils she visited
Amber Rudd MP with the Sussex Coast College pupils she visited

STUDENTS at Sussex Coast College Hastings were joined by local MP Amber Rudd to learn about citizenship.

The Conservative MP popped into the town centre campus to discuss her party’s view on the Big Society and her own ideas on the meaning of citizenship and community.

And, during an hour-long question and answer session, Ms Rudd fielded tricky questions about public safety and the spiralling cost of university tuition fees.

The Tory has been a regular visitor to the college since she won over students during a pre-election hustings where she was voted most popular of the three main candidates by pupils - causing an upset by beating both Labour’s Michael Foster and her Lib Dem rival Nick Perry.

Lecturer Roger Phillips said the students had enjoyed the visit. He said: “We appreciate Amber taking the time to visit and speak with the class.

“Her visit supported the pupils’s studies of diversity and citizenship in the context of the uniformed public services.

“She clearly explained her views on good citizenship and her willingness to answer a range of questions was appreciated by the students.”