Lions will help youth

Hastings Lions Club
Hastings Lions Club

A GROUP that helps charities has set aside £10,000 towards helping the town’s youngsters.

Hastings Lions Club has earmarked the cash specifically for youth groups and gifted children and is inviting potential applicants to contact them.

Andy Waters, club president, said: “We decided to put forward this sum this year for this cause as we want to put Hastings back on the map.

“We have got the Jerwood Gallery coming and the seafront has been revamped so there is good reason to talk the town up. Hastings is a lovely place to live.

“We are looking for groups or people who have a spark about them and have fresh, innovative ideas.”

He said Hastings Lions Club already supports many charities and community groups but has also decided to set aside a minimum of £10,000 each year for youth groups.

Mr Waters said gifted children taking part in competitions nationally and internationally often get very little financial suppport, except from family and friends and money from Hastings Lions Club could be used towards things like transport costs.

He said: “It is not anticipated that this fund will eliminate the need for fundraising, but it is intended to give a much-needed boost to support hard-pressed volunteers and parents.

“If any youth group or individual needs financial assistance in any way, which will help them up the financial ladder then please come to us.

“Each case will be judged on its own merits.”

Applications need to be in before Monday, January 31 and can be emailed to secretary Judy Cubison at or sent to Hastings Lions Club, Blacklands Business Centre, 11-15 Fearon Road, Hastings TN34 2EP.