Lily is Bluebell Ridge Cat of the Year

Lily - the Bluebell Ridge Cat of the Year 2017 SUS-170404-132723001
Lily - the Bluebell Ridge Cat of the Year 2017 SUS-170404-132723001

A rescued Tabby cat has won the Bluebell Ridge Cat of the Year 2017 accolade after her owner submitted a poem about her furry friend which won the hearts of the judges.

Lily, a three-year-old tabby, who was adopted from Bluebell Ridge cat rehoming centre last year, was voted Cat of the Year 2017 after her owner, Jan Thompson entered the centre’s competition with a poem that expressed what her companion means to her.

Nikki Hawes, Income Generation and Marketing Officer for Bluebell Ridge says Jan’s poem defines the beautiful bond that she has with Lily. “It’s wonderful to hear how a cat can change a person’s life,” she said.

Lily won a hamper of goodies, donated by Lily’s Kitchen, and her photograph will be displayed at the centre. Jan says she is delighted that Lily was chosen. “To me she will always be ‘Cat of the Year’!” she said. “She is an absolute treasure, I can’t imagine life without her now.

“I thought I was doing her a big favour by giving her a home, but nothing could be further from the truth - she has given me so much more than I can ever give her.”

Nikki thanks everyone who entered the competition. “We had so many wonderful entries and we enjoyed reading about affectionate, calming and mischievous cats.”

The following is part of Jan’s poem, to read it in its entirety or to adopt a cat from the centre, visit:

‘Lily’s life might have had a bad start,

But she didn’t let that harden her heart.

Without so much as a backward glance,

She decided to give humans another chance.

So, I do my best to try and repay,

The trust she shows me day by day.

But neither she or I, could have guessed or known,

How our bond of love has grown and grown.

I had no idea adopting Lily from the RSPCA,

Would change my life in every way,

Yes, I no longer live alone,

But Lily’s made my house a HOME.’