Lighting will ‘rock’

DECORATIVE ‘sticks of rock’ illuminations are to be installed on street light columns along the seafront in a £109,000 scheme largely funded by Hastings Borough Council.

Light columns between London Road, St Leonards, and Robertson Street, are to be included in the scheme, which is to be implemented in March next year.

The cost to the council of the illuminations from London Road to the pier will be £82,000, while the Foreshore Trust has allocated £27,000 towards extending the lighting from the pier to Robertson Street.

The scheme aims to replicate the original lighting installed from The Stade to West Marina in 2003-2004, but which was badly affected by the environment, and had completely failed by 2010.

These new illuminations will have more robust fittings, and LED lighting for reduced electricity costs. The colour scheme of the lighting will be remotely controlled from a computer or hand-held device.