Lewis to link up with young people in Sierra Leone

Lewis McFee
Lewis McFee
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RESPOND ACADEMY hopes to form links with young people in Sierra Leone and establish a parallel youth project.

Youth ambassador Lewis McFee is set to travel to the African country next Wednesday, and will spend 10 days in the cities of Freetown and Makeni, as well as Hastings’ twin town of Hastings, Sierra Leone.

Lewis will be laying the groundwork for this parallel project with a packed programme of visits to young people and groups including the Freetown Nighttime Shelter, Street Child project, and a rehabilitation centre in Makeni.

Respond Academy support the Peace Project, which recently won $10,000 towards the building of a Peace Centre, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which aims to help the victims of the country’s civil war.

Jc McFee, Respond project manager, said: “The aim, is for there to be a unit within the Peace Centre unit doing what Respond does here.”

It will link to the St Leonards youth project, by way of shared artwork, film, and music, and make use of tools such as Skype.

She added: “Lewis’s main aim on this trip is to discover ways we can use the Respond Academy model, ethos and methodology and work towards long-term friendships that will improve young peoples self esteem and enable them to learn new skills that they can use in their own communities.”

Respond are appealing for donations of small and light items that Lewis can take out to Sierra Leone with him including caps, football shirts, flip flops, and small bars of soap.

Donations can be taken to Respond Academy, in Silchester Mews, Silchester Road, St Leonards, or contact Jc McFee on 01424 718235.