Letters to heroes

Some of the pupils with the letters they received
Some of the pupils with the letters they received

CHILDREN at a St Leonards school had the opportunity to write to real-life heroes asking about their jobs.

Pupils from Hollington School penned letters to those working in the emergency services, such as firefighters and paramedics, as part of an exercise in letter writing. The project was set up by the Hastings and St Leonards Excellence Cluster, which works closely with schools.

Anita Auer, from the organisation’s learning and teaching team, said: “The younger children had been studying the sea so they wrote letters to the staff at the Hastings Lifeboat Station. Each child received a handwritten response. Children in year 6 looked at real-life ‘superheroes’ and as part of this topic, wrote to people working in the emergency services asking questions about their work and what ‘powers’ they felt they need to do their job effectively.” Excited youngsters heard from the RNLI, Bomb Disposal Squad and RAFA. Some have also heard from the Queen and David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

John Smith, headteacher, said: “This has been a splendid piece of work and is just the type of project that helps raise the aspirations of our children and give them a dream. My thanks goes to Mrs Auer for organising the project and all the superheros in the Hastings community who took the time to respond to the children.”