Let’s get our pier up to scratch

Hastings Observer letters SUS-170126-144241001
Hastings Observer letters SUS-170126-144241001

Congratulations to new CEO Jo Stewart and the Huddle-in-the-Hub admin team on the eclectic selection of events for the school holiday period.

Would it be possible to ensure that the Camera Obscura is always unlocked (I often find it padlocked and inaccessible), the periscopes are both operational (one has been misted up with condensation for many months), and the beautifully painted huts are let, open and functioning?

It has been noted with some irony that all the pictures of our award-winning pier on social media have neat rows of firmly shut kiosks.

And then there’s the prospect of the “technical hitches”, (staff training?), being ironed out so that the newly-refurbished and contracted Pavilion restaurant can get going before the season ends.

Come on guys. Let’s do this thing and let’s do it properly.

The people of Hastings have given it their backing and await with eager anticipation to see a result. It is becoming increasingly difficult to “talk up” Hastings Pier when the existing facilities aren’t up to scratch.