Legendary bomber set to make a noise

Vulcan HX558 which is coming to Hastings on June 15
Vulcan HX558 which is coming to Hastings on June 15

THOUSANDS of people are set to descend on Hastings tomorrow (Saturday) to catch a glimpse of a legend of the skies.

The only operating Avro Vulcan bomber in the world will spend 15 minutes flying over the seafront from 3.40pm.

XH558 will fly down from its base at Robin Hood airport in Doncaster to wow the crowds here.

The last time a Vulcan visited Hastings was believed to be in 1983.

The ‘mother of concord’ as she was also known, requires wing modifications to continue flying past this summer.

The work will cost £200,000 and a service will cost another £200,000.

All the money is raised by the Vulcan to the Skies charity which works hard to keep the XH558 in the skies. On Saturday the bomber will leave Doncaster around 3pm to make the short 300-mile journey to the south coast.

During the Falklands War in May 1982, a Vulcan flew 6,000 miles with a full pay load from Ascension Island to bomb Port Stanley airport runway. It was the longest bombing run ever carried out by a military aircraft. Pilot Kevin Rumens will fly the 53-year-old XH558 down to the Sussex coast to put it though its paces.

All four of its Rolls-Royce Olympus engines will be in use though the top speeds are expected to be around 180mph. It was designed to fly at 600mph.

Fans will be treated to a blast of the famous Vulcan Howl where the engines suck in vast quantities of air.

XH558 will move to Rye for a display at 4pm and then will land at Manston Airport where it will take part in the South East Air Show.

Vulcan to the Skies has launched a new campaign called Operation 2015 to raise the £400,000 to keep it flying until 2015. The Observer will be manning a promotion stall at Nirvana Newsagents at Pelham roundabout tomorrow. We are offering a discount on the fascinating book Vulcan 607 written by Rowland White. The book will cost £7 instead of £9 with every purchase of our newspaper. Proceeds from the booke sale will go towards Operation 2015.