Left-handed St Leonards staff members are one-in-a-hundred-thousand

A group of five staff members from a St Leonards school kitchen have discovered something pretty unique about themselves '“ they are all left handed.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 5:08 pm
Updated Friday, 12th October 2018, 6:09 pm
The five left-handed staff members
The five left-handed staff members

Left handed people make up roughly 10 per cent of the UK population meaning the chances of five out of five people being left handed is one in a hundred thousand.

Kate Burnham, Louise Neal, Victoria Simpson, Kimberley Dann and Elizabeth Thomas have unknowingly defied the odds.

The five women, who work for a St Leonards school, said they were making excuses for their ‘cack-handedness’ when they suddenly realised they were all on a level playing field.

Kate said: “I was just telling my boss she would have to excuse me and couldn’t have a go at me as I’m left handed.

“She just laughed and said there was no excuse as she was left-handed too.

“We were laughing about it before our other colleagues asked what we were talking about. It turned out they were left-handed as well.

“There are five of us working in the same environment and we are all lefties.”

Victoria said four of the five ladies worked out they were each left-handed about a week ago before Elizabeth said she too was a leftie yesterday.

She said: “We couldn’t believe it.

“When Elizabeth said she was left-handed too we were just like ‘oh my God’. We are quite a small kitchen so it’s so strange to have all of us working in the same place.

“It’s very much girl power in here but now we know we are lefties too. It’s very unusual.”

Kate said she believes left-handed people have it harder when working in a kitchen.

She added: “Measuring jugs are a problem for me. All the measurements are on the wrong side.

“I have always found scissors difficult to use too and I think most lefties are forced to be a bit ambidextrous as a result.”

Louise said she has also had to become ‘a bit ambidextrous’ to work effectively in the kitchen.

She said: “I write left handed and I also have problems with things like measuring jugs but I have taken to chopping with my right hand because it is much easier.

“I also help with a cookery class so I feel it is better to use my right hand so the children can learn the easier way.”

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