Leak shuts down council’s computer system

A FLOOD at the council’s offices in Aquila House has shut down the computer system.

One of the water pipes in the building at Breeds Place leaked and flooded the third floor last night (Tuesday) and affected the power supply.

As a safety precaution Hastings Borough Council had to turn off the electricity supply, thereby disrupting the computer system.

Kevin Boorman, the council’s spokesman, said: “We have had to close Aquila House this morning as a result. Housing services and benefit services are not directly affected but, seeing as there is no computer system at the moment, everything is having to be done manually. It’s an inconvenience and does mean people will have to wait a little bit longer.

“We can still deal with all queries at Hastings Information Centre and hope to resume a normal service as soon as possible.

“Electricians and cleaners have been in Aquila House since very early this morning and we are waiting for the building to dry out. We hope to be up and running by lunchtime.”