Law firm in Hastings’ 10 new jobs

HASTINGS law firm Gaby Hardwicke is offering 10 jobs to people wanting to train in conveyancing.

The firm, based in Wellington Square, is planning to invest £250,000 in the initiative which people can apply for up until the end of June.

The recent boom in the property market has prompted the unique offer for 10 people to take a job as paralegals and train with the company in conveyancing from August this year.

Managing partner David Getty said: “This unique offer has come about because of the upturn in the property market. We need staff and we thought this would be a great way of getting staff who want a job, the chance to train and gain a university qualification. There is no prerequisite or upper age limit. It could be somebody who has just finished their A-levels or a person who wants to change their career and retrain.”

Director and partner at Gaby’s, Christopher Bean, said: “This is a very progressive move for us and it coincides with our 125th anniversary this year.

“We are very excited about it and look forward to receiving applications from people from all walks of life.”

Gaby Hardwicke has offices across East Sussex and information on the offer can be found on the firm’s website