Lauren is a cut above the rest....

Lauren Coleman's flowing locks thar she had cut off to raise funds for 'the Little Princess Trust SUS-161019-153018001
Lauren Coleman's flowing locks thar she had cut off to raise funds for 'the Little Princess Trust SUS-161019-153018001

Local teenager Lauren Coleman had a whopping 12.5” of her stunning hair cut off to raise funds and awareness of the Little Princess Trust charity in support of her partner who has been through two types of cancer.

Lauren, who lives in St Leonards, has been with partner, Alex Carr, 18, for around a year and a half. Alex has bravely battled lung and skin cancer which Lauren says wasn’t easy. ““Alex has gone through two types of cancers,” she said.

Lauren Coleman and her partner 'Alex Carr SUS-161019-143348001

Lauren Coleman and her partner 'Alex Carr SUS-161019-143348001

“He has come out the other side beating both of these cancers and I couldn’t be more proud.

“We had a rocky relationship to start with but we are now stronger than ever.”

Alex is an apprentice at Dinnages Ford, Burgess Hill and is working hard at his job and, as part of his apprenticeship, at Reading college. Lauren, 19, says they now balance both work and relationship and Alex’s experience with cancer inspired her to do something positive to help young cancer suffers.

She said: “Being told that you child has cancer is heart-breaking for any parent but the Little Princess Trust helps parents and children who are going through this tough experience by creating real hair wigs.”

Lauren says she made the decision to have her long hair cut to donate to the charity and dropped sponsorship forms around the local area to raise funds. “I chose to do this for this particular cause to raise awareness and get as much publicity as it rightfully deserves.”

Lauren had 12.5” of hair at Evolutions Hair Studios, Hastings and said she wasn’t fazed at all. “It was amazing! I knew I’d found a good cause and had no second thoughts about having it cut off. I thank Evolution for doing this hair cut for an amazing cause. This will go to children who will be thankful and grateful for your support.”

To date Lauren has raised £130 for the Little Princess Trust.

Lauren works as a healthcare assistant at Care Direct Recruitment who are also raising money and accepting donations for the charity. She thanks them for all their support, along with the Brighton Housing Trust, the Old England Pub customers and staff, the Railway staff and customers and Carol for her help.

Monica Glass, charity manager Little Princess Trust says they are amazed at how much Lauren has done for the charity, “Not only for donating her beautiful hair which will hopefully be blended with other contributions and made into a wig for a sick child, but she is also busy raising funds for the Trust too,” she said. “On behalf of all of the children that we help - thank you Lauren!”