Knitted stall’s Fish Fest joy

A Knitted Fish and Chip shop has netted first place for the best dressed stall by organisers at the Midsummer Fish Fest.

The event was held in Hastings in June and among attractions was a display by the Hastings-based charity Craftimation Factory which has been involved in knitting a life-sized fish and chip shop. The shop forms part of a project initiated by the Customs House in South Shields called ‘The Coat for a Boat’ part of ‘Follow the Herring’, a touring exhibition celebrating maritime history, social history and the herring fishing industry.

Councillor Peter Chowney, Hastings Borough Council’s lead member for regeneration, said: “The Midsummer Fish Fest, funded by Hastings Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) was a tremendous success and I am pleased to hear that the Knitted Fish and Chips Shop won the best dressed stand.

“Over 250 local people took part in workshops held in Hastings to knit items for the stand which will now become part of ‘The Coat for a Boat’ exhibition. The exhibition with yarn bombing and the Fish and Chip shop will take place from Monday 28 July at the Stade Open Space Hastings.”

Janey Moffatt, from Craftimation Factory, added: “We’re absolutely delighted that we won and the public response to it.

“It was only partially complete and we’re hoping the response to the finished piece will be even better, judging by the response of both staff and people visiting it’s going to be very worthwhile.”