Kittens found abandoned in box outside Tesco

The kittens left outside Tesco
The kittens left outside Tesco

THESE two tiny kittens were found abandoned outside a supermarket in Hollington.

They were discovered by a member of the public in a small cardboard box inside a recycle bag in the car park at Tesco, Churchwood Drive, St Leonards.

Both kittens, who are each only a few weeks old, were meowing continuously which attracted attention. Thankfully the pair are now being cared for at Bluebell Ridge cat rehoming centre in Chowns Hill and will eventually be given a loving home. They have been named Timon and Odette.

Kate Thwaites, animal care assistant at Bluebell Ridge, said: “The member of the public took the two kittens into Tesco and informed staff and it was someone from Tesco who later brought them in to us. They were found inside the box, which was smaller than a shoebox, on September 4 at around lunchtime. The kittens had a lot of fleas but they were in good health. However they needed to be with their mother and because they weren’t, we have been hand rearing them with appropriate milk for kittens, keeping them warm and clean.

“We don’t know the circumstances on how both Timon and Odette ended up being left abandoned outside Tesco but whoever left them at least put the kittens in an area where they would be found.”

Staff at Bluebell Ridge are now trying to get both kittens onto solid food. Kate added: “When Timon and Odette reach nine-and-a-half weeks we will put them up for rehoming and hopefully they will find a new home quite quickly.”

Bluebell Ridge rehomes local strays and unwanted cats, and can take up to 60 cats/kittens at any one time. The centre is currently full and always has a waiting list. Anyone looking for a new feline friend, can come visit the cattery any day except Thursday from 11am to 3pm. Alternatively visit or phone 01424 752121.