Kickboxers hope to help Moroccan youth

Group from Hastings Kickboxing Academy heading to Morocco
Group from Hastings Kickboxing Academy heading to Morocco

A GROUP of kickboxers from Hastings are heading to Morocco to train with disadvantaged young people.

Carl Denne, manager of Hastings Kickboxing Academy (HKA), was invited to visit a charity in Taroudant, a small town in the south of the country.

Along with six others from HKA he will be training with young people aged between eight and 18 at Assouar boxing school.

He said: “I’m massively looking forward to it.

“I’m looking to gain knowledge of teaching and am keen to pick up some of their techniques.

“I will be teaching basic self defence with some Kung Fu and kickboxing, running a morning session of fitness training, then in the evening a two or three-hour class.”

The group from Hastings set off on May 30, and will be spending five days in Morocco.

Assouar was founded by professional boxer Youness Ait Bayaa in 2007 to provide a means of helping disadvantaged youth in the region.

Many children and adolescents in the town turn to drugs, drop out of school, or work from an early age.

The organisation provides an alternative, and strives to help the young people reach their potential.

It is open to all young people from the local community of both genders from the ages of six to 22 years, and operates as a drop-in centre.

It relies on word of mouth and supporters for funding.

Carl who is also vice-chairman of Charity for Kids, said: “The first learning curve will be the kickboxing, including training in high temperatures, and the second will be the way that they live over there.”

He said that he hopes this will be the start of a long term partnership.

Hastings Kickboxing Academy is based at William Parker Lower School, in Park Avenue.

For further information visit or call 07949 221946.