Keith Hehir Lynch: Snow is no joke for a cabbie

I’m comforted to see that Hastings council, my local ‘authority’ announced on Twitter that they will take a “sympathetic approach” to anyone that leaves their car in any of the car parks in Hastings because of the weather.

I read this as an opportunity to do some shopping and not worry about getting back to the car because the ticket ran out. As you will know, council’s don’t like you spending money in town centre’s because they would rather you bugger off half way through your knicker shopping and self promised decent coffee and walnut cake in the bullet cafe, so someone else can use your hastily vacated parking spot, so they in turn can half finish their shopping as well.

I have a problem though, to enable me to take advantage of this one off offer of free sympathetic parking - I have to get out of my drive! And I can’t do that because I’m snowed in, in fact I can’t get out of my bloody road because it’s snowed in too.

In actual fact I won’t be able to do my job as a cab driver today and possibly tomorrow too, the job that incidentally costs me over a £100+ pounds a year in fees to the same council that’s offering a sympathetic park in one of there lovely car parks today. The staff that open and close these facilities are all buggering off home at 3.30pm anyway...No one around to slap on that ticket is there mmm?

The last time I had a price rise, y’now in line with utility bills and fuel (you can’t use inflation figures because that’s just silly) was unbelievably in July 2003!

Not that I’d want you to care about that, because I don’t want you adding me to the reasons why you can’t have that holiday now can I?

So Hastings council will probably defer the blame to the REAL authority that deals with the roads, East Sussex County Council, but they are dozens and dozens of miles away and at time of writing have all probably all buggered off home on a snow tractor giggling like girlies by now...

Until next time...

or when I can dig myself out...Oh! And happy Hanukkah!