Keeping it local is investment in our community

High Street, Hastings Old Town. 25/2/14 SUS-140225-163443001
High Street, Hastings Old Town. 25/2/14 SUS-140225-163443001

CIVIC and business leaders have thrown their backing behind the Observer’s Shop Local Eat Local Play Local campaign.

The bid to boost the coffers of our high street traders has been met with support from across 1066 Country.

Brett McLean, chairman of the 1066 Federation of Small Businesses, said: “I’m delighted to endorse and support the Observer’s shop local and eat local campaigns.

“I have for the past five years been promoting the FSB’s Keep Trade Local campaign which educates consumers to buy local and retailers to do the same by keeping the supply chain short. The message is simple “use it or lose it! “ I’m delighted to see the Observer newspaper taking an active role in such a vital campaign.

“Businesses within the hospitality and tourism industry are delighted to have your support.

“It’s important to get the message out there to Observer readers to remind them that they don’t necessarily need to buy online but are able to visit the local shopping areas where there is a huge variety of choice, specialist customer care with detail to attention. And there is often a try before you buy policy thus helping to create the customer experience and supporting trade locally which in turn helps the local economy to flourish.

“Tradespeople are encouraged to again, where possible, buy locally and support local timber merchants and suppliers of building materials in stead of buying from multi-million nationwide chains. Supporting local outlets and shops increases employment opportunities and apprenticeship placements resulting in a win-win situation.”

Gerald Matthews, owner of GM Matthews Butchers in Turkey Road, Bexhill saw a slight up turn in trade following last week’s launch.

He said: “A lot of people have mentioned the campaign last weekend. Someone came over from Hastings to buy some meat in my shop and trade was very good last Friday and Saturday. This kind of campaign is important for traders like me. If I want an electrician or plumber I go and find a local one. It’s important for people to support their tradesman and traders. They’re the beating heart of the community.”