Katy-Jayne is in the pink

Katy Jayne Edmunds with her pink skip at French's, Hastings'24/05/12
Katy Jayne Edmunds with her pink skip at French's, Hastings'24/05/12

HGV driver Katy-Jayne Edmunds is in the pink as the only female truck driver at a skip hire business.

The 30-year-old from Old Town is the only woman driver at Frenchs based at the Ponswood Industrial Estate in Drury Lane, St Leonards.

Katy-Jayne’s bright pink Mercedes is a regular sight in and around 1066 Country as she goes about her business.

And boss Dave French reckons she is one of the best at her job.

“She is one of the best drivers we have,” he said. “She pays great attention to detail and is always smiling.”

Katy-Jayne left Hillcrest School aged 16 and went to work in a hairdressing salon.

After 12 months she took a job at a wedding dress shop in St Leonards run by Dave’s wife.

Two years later Dave asked if Katy-Jayne would be interested in working in his yard.

“He asked me if I could push a broom around a yard,” said Katy-Jayne. “The rest is history as they say.

“I started brushing around the yard and cleaning out the skips when they came in.

“Eventually I asked if I could learn how to drive the trucks and that led to me doing my test.

“As a special surprise Dave had a skip wagon painted pink just for me. I passed first time and was really pleased.

“I do get the odd chauvenistic comment from blokes like ‘what’s she doing being the wheel?’

“But the staff at Frenchs are great with me. They all seem to be in touch with their feminine side and I have no problem with them at all.

“I may go to Australia next year to see if I can get a job driving trucks out there.”

Katy is the only woman skip driver in the company’s 90 year history.

Dave added: “Katy-Jayne is very professional and does a great job for us.

“She is very popular here and we’re very pleased to have her in the company.”