Kate tribute act takes music to new heights

Dreaming of Kate, Hastings White Rock Theatre
Dreaming of Kate, Hastings White Rock Theatre

With every successful artist there comes a long a tribute act paying homage to their heroes.

One such tribute act, Dreaming of Kate, brought the music of one the most alluring and somewhat eccentric female artists in modern music, Kate Bush, to the White Rock Theatre in Hastings last Friday (12th).

Maaike Breijman from Holland took to the Hastings stage and blew the audience away with her renditions of Kate’s classic songs such as Moving, James and the Cold Gun, Strange Phenomena and more.

The audience sat spellbound as she performed each song flawlessly and in the vein of Kate she worked her way through many costumes changes with ease and her poise on stage was faultless. Hit after hit followed such as ‘Babooshka’ Wow, Hammer Horror, Army Dreamers, Sat On Your Lap and my favourite, Cloudbusting. Maaike worked her way through the Kate Bush albums choosing popular songs from each album including The Kick Inside through to The Sensual World, This Woman’s Work and the Hounds of Love. It truly was a masterpiece of continuous musical pleasure. But it was Maaike’s strong resemblance to an early Kate which for me made the songs all the more sweeter. Maaika was comfortably backed up on stage with her fellow musicians who each were note perfect and didn’t stray away from the original music which some tribute bands tend to do.

Maaika held the audience in her hands with her melodic rendition of a song which Kate wrote when she was 13 and recorded at 16, The Man With The Child In His Eyes. Needless to say she ended the concert with her rendition of Kate’s biggest hit Wuthering Heights. It truly was a marvellous concert and for those who didn’t get the chance to see the real Kate Bush this year, this was the next best thing. After the concert I managed to catch up with Maaike. After thanking her for bringing her show to Hastings I asked her why she wanted to do a tribute to Kate Bush, to which she replied that she kind of ‘grew into it’ She loved singing her songs, she loved dancing and the theatre and it more or less grew from there.

She also said that prior to doing Kate Bush she was into gypsy jazz, Goth metal, pop and rock and that the one song of Kate’s which she hasn’t covered yet but would like to, is ‘Get Out of My House’. Her favourite song that she

performs on stage is Hammer Horror and when I asked her what was her favourite Kate Bush album, she replied that it was tough to choose between Lionheart and The Dreaming.

Maaike said that she loves to create a little ‘world on stage’ her own bubble where she draws the audience in and that the costume changes all help to create the Kate Bush effect. I asked if the audiences so far had been respectful of what she was trying to achieve on stage to which she replied that all audiences in general have been very respectful.

One question which I’m sure most people would like to know, was Kate Bush aware of her to which she replied that she must be but that she hasn’t had any contact with her. We then spoke about her band of which half are from Liverpool and the other half from Holland.

She keeps fit for all the dance routines with hours and hours of training and dance rehearsals and she pointed out that she also works out. I ended by thanking her again for coming to Hastings and wished her well for the future. Incidentally I saw the original Kate Bush back in 1979 at the Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh, but that as they say, is another story. For more information visit www.dreamingofkate.com