Judge: “You have no real remorse.”

THE Judge in the case of Mark Sandland, his Honour Justice Sweeney, told him: “I am in no doubt you were the cause of those injuries in temper.

“At 2:22pm, you used your mobile to access the website for Assassins Creed 3. Frustrated with the game and with Aimee-Rose’s screaming you lost your temper and assaulted her, gripping her torso hard and shaking her. The injuries caused speak for themselves. The disastrous effect on Aimee-Rose would have been immediate and obvious. Whilst you have no recollection now of the fatal incident it is obvious at the time you appreciated what you had done and in consequence you lied and sought to cover up what happened. You pretended on the phone that you had a fit, you shut off the TV to cover up what you had been doing. I find there are a number of aggravating features in this case. Aimee-Rose was particularly vulnerable at only five weeks old. You were in a position of trust which you abused and you made repeated attempts to cover up your actions. I find you have no real remorse for what you did, rather uppermost in your mind is the plight you find yourself in. In mitigation it was a momentary event lacking premeditation. You will carry the burden for the rest of your life. I particularly disagree with the submissions made on your behalf. You were maintaining a complete lack of criminal responsibility until the last minute.” A statement from Sandland’s legal team read: “Mark Sandland wishes to reiterate his sincere, deepest regret and remorse. No words can express the level of distress and anguish which he, his close family and friends have endured since his arrest.”