Jerwood Gallery is coming along and mystery pictures are found at the site

The site of the new Jerwood Gallery
The site of the new Jerwood Gallery

WORK on the multi-million pound new Old Town art gallery is coming along nicely.

The former coach park on The Stade is in the midst of being transformed into a new home for the Jerwood Foundation and as this aerial photo shows, some parts of the scheme are almost completed.

The outside of new building behind the seafront arcade is nearly finished as is the cafe. The gallery itself should be ready to open in September.

And with work on the Jerwood gathering pace, attention is already turning to what pictures will grace the gallery’s walls.

But if there any gaps to fill maybe the powers-that-be might consider these two pictures left by the site on Friday morning by a mystery well-wisher. George Greaves, of Pleasant Row, sent these photos of the artisitic gift to the Observer and has his own take on what the painter was trying to portray.

He said: “On the left with its geometric design, is interpreted as a plea for a square deal for the local fishing fleet. The other represents the predominantly red ink of the fishermen’s bank statements, with the black despair they may feel about their future.”

Whether they make it onto the Jerwood walls, only time will tell.