Jason bikes 1,500 km to Benidorm

CHARITY champion Jason Kind is enjoying a few siestas after cycling almost 1,500km to the Spanish resort of Benidorm in just 11 days.

The 42-year-old took on the mammoth challenge on his own to raise £2,500 money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

He was inspired to take on the trip after suffering the symptoms of a stroke two years ago.

Jason was working around 60 hours a week running his own courier business from his home in the West Hill.

He believed the stress was making him ill and at the age of just 40 he decided to take a break.

With a best friend living and working in Benidorm, he needed little excuse to get on his bike and hit the high road.

“I had seen the suffering of my friends through diabetes,” said Jason. “And I felt I had to do something.

“I have seen the difficult processes they have to go through to keep the condition in check.

“So a bike ride to Spain was the least I had to really worry about.”

Jason’s best friend Danny Hughes, who is originally from Hastings, has run an Indian restaurant in Benidorm for 10 years. So what better reason to pop-addum over to see his old pal on the Costa Blanca and celebrate with a red-hot curry.

He set off from Hastings on August 22 and cycled to Dover where he caught a ferry to Calais.

Once in France he cycled the Loire to Bordeaux and then Biarritz before taking on the Pyrenees mountains.

He climbed to 1,400m above sea level on a constant ascent for 17km.

After crossing the mountain border he headed to Barcelona before following the coast road down to Benidorm.

Camping overnight, Jason cycled around 100 miles most days reaching his destination on September 4.

“It was the trip of a lifetime,” he added. “I needed a new challenge in life after giving up my business.

“I was still fairly fit but wanted to get fitter. I went through heatwaves and lots of hill climbs. But it was an amazing experience and I must thank everyone who supported me along the way.”