James hopes to bring home election bacon

James Bacon
James Bacon

THE GREAT great-grandson of legendary Hastings entertainer Biddy the Tubman is hoping to drum up his own following to become a councillor at the tender age of 22.

James Bacon, who lives in Lime Close, Maze Hill, is hoping to become the council’s youngest member when he stands for election on May 3.

And he knows a thing or two about what makes the town tick having been born and raised here.

“I’m fascinated by our town,” said James. “I always enjoyed visits and talks with my grandparents on local history.

“I developed a passion for Hastings and for making it better, inspired by politicians like Michael Foster and Jeremy Birch.”

A former William Parker student, James graduated last year from King’s College London with a Masters in Contemporary British History.

He says he understands the frustration of youth unemployment having spent several months looking for work after graduation.

James is now working in an office as an admin clerk while he applies to go back to university this year to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education so he can teach.

He developed his passion for politics watching television aged 15.

“I got hooked on BBC Question Time and decided to take Government and Politics as an A-level subject at school,” he said.

“I must have been doing something right because I eventually persuaded my parents to join the Labour Party a few years ago after I had been involved as a teenager.

“The quality of politics teaching at William Parker was outstanding and the opportunities contributed to my appetite to become politically active within the town.”

James hopes to go one better than his father Edward Bacon who stood unsuccessfully two years ago in Maze Hill.

He has been out on the streets since January 1 to deliver this message.

“The key issues for Maze Hill I think are the quality of the general environment such as dog mess, litter and eyesore buildings.

“I also want to improve bus and rail services and stop some roads being used as rat runs.

“I would also like to get more young people involved in politics.

“There are a number of youngsters completely disaffected and disillusioned with our political system.

“I believe it is the responsibility of all of us, and candidates like myself, to inform and encourage young people to get involved.”